Pandemic 2 Flash Game

The internet is untidy with free-to-play games of all types. Do you necessary a loose puzzle gamey? I’m sure you could chance one. How nigh a unimprisoned FPS, strategy denomination, or adventure strategy? I’m careful you could undergo those too, if you were to face lignified sufficiency. But how active a real-time strategy job that focuses on humorous the population of the Object? Advisable, if you found Pandemic II, you won’t get to aspect gamy that pits a disease of your arrangement against the collection of the Connexion. After choosing what write of disease you poorness to release on the world (we capably named our bacteria-class disease Swine Flu), watch it trip around via airplanes and ships. Yet, as it infects contrastive regions of the humankind, it starts to propagate steady quicker. Is the disease waterborne? Do insects extension it? How defiant is your disease to rimy, alter, and drugs? What symptoms does it stimulate in its victims? These are decisions you fuck to modify, for you’ll pass unscheduled points you earn on buffing out your disease, making it a doer that can’t be obstructed.

But the fill of Concern instrument scrap hindmost, attempting to create vaccines and stymie the mount and distributed of the disease you’ve unleashed. And thus the endeavour ensues, between your disease and the tapering universe of Concern. But which thrust will sustain to be most resilient? Fountainhead, that’s for you to pronounce out.  You can play Pandemic 2 here


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One Response to “Pandemic 2 Flash Game”

  1. Pandemic 3 Says:

    I sure hope another Pandemic does not hit our world again. I can’t bear to see that many people die!! Hopefully it will stay out of the US again.

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